Finding My Center

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Recognizing origin stories:

  • What could this process of Finding one’s sense of origin & belonging; Finding ‘one’s self’ or Finding ‘one’s center’ mean for you? What are your initial thoughts? 
  • Use the course readings (Vowel) to discuss how you understand yourself. Who do you think you are? What are your social positions? How do you identify in relation to treaty? Why? Practice naming yourself & making your understandings of your identities complex. 

Finding one’s center to me means finding one’s soul by soul searching. Soul searching is a process where someone looks deep within themselves and finds out what their beliefs, values, morals, biases, and personality is like. It is about finding the good things about a person and things that need to change (negative qualities). Soul searching is not easy and can potentially be a painful process as a person can realize things about themselves that they never knew before. It is a valuable process because a person comes out of it with a great sense of self awareness.

I understand myself from doing many soul searches. I have been through a lot in my life and it has been important for me to be self aware. I believe I am a genuine and compassionate person who cares deeply about people. I am a Canadian and am proud to be one. In my ancestry I am Scottish, Polish, Austrian, and French.  I am a teacher at heart. In my free time I love to fish, go for walks, workout, read, sing, dance, and try out new recipes. I believe in spending quality time with those I love and I strive to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I believe social status does not matter as long as one lives a life that respects and honours everyone. I believe in taking away comparison and living as our true selves. I identity as someone who needs to work with everyone to learn about treaties. Treaty reconciliation cannot happen without the support of everyone working together with all people in harmony.

Miskasowin is helpful because it allows us to have relationships with other cultures that are not of our own. It allows us to build a trust and understanding of each other and the values and traditions that a culture has. Miskasowin is being mindful of the past and allowing reconciliation to take place. Over the semester I want to learn more about Indigenous people’s cultures and their traditional stories that are told about why the world came to be. I think that is a wonderful way to learn and is something I enjoy hearing. I will commit to doing my best to understand and learn together with my peers and be open to new experiences. 

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