4 Seasons of Reconciliation

Reflect upon Charlene Bearhead’s statement (module 8) that “those responsible for education are learning beside those they are responsible to educate.” Discuss how this statement disrupts many Western perspectives of education (e.g. that it is the role of the teacher to be the most knowledgeable person in the classroom or a master of knowledge whoContinue reading “4 Seasons of Reconciliation”

Treaty Education

How could treaty education (truth, justice, reconciliation, decolonization, indigenization) look like in your classrooms, schools, homes & communities? What might the Treaty invitational event teach you about this important endeavour? The purpose of teaching treaty education is to educate our students about the history of Canada, incorporate treaty education into the classroom through truth andContinue reading “Treaty Education”

Treaty Book Talk: Shi-Shi-Eko

Treaty Book Talks Locate and read a children’s or youth literature (suitable for a K-12 classroom) that has an Indigenous issue or perspective as its core theme. It must be written by an Indigenous author or produced in collaboration with an Indigenous community. The Indigenous issue or perspective must be relevant to the Canadian context,Continue reading “Treaty Book Talk: Shi-Shi-Eko”

Attending a Pipe Ceremony

What teachings do pipe ceremonies offer you, related to treaties as covenants – kihci-asotamâtowin [Keeh-TSI-us-SOO-tu-MAA-toe-win] – Sacred Promises to One Another, the Treaty Sovereign’s Sacred Undertakings? (refer to the assigned reading in the Treaty Elders of SK book). How do you understand spirituality as part of your treaty-identities miskâsowin? Before the pipe ceremony I wasContinue reading “Attending a Pipe Ceremony”

Unpacking an Indigenous Myth

Create a counter-narrative – Using a selection from Part 3 in Indigenous Writes (Vowel, 2016), identify a myth, misconception or narrative about Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  Create a counter-narrative to dispel the selected misconception, myth or narrative to share truth and work towards reconciliation. Give a brief overview of why the particular myth/narrative was chosen,Continue reading “Unpacking an Indigenous Myth”

Finding My Center

Recognizing origin stories: What could this process of Finding one’s sense of origin & belonging; Finding ‘one’s self’ or Finding ‘one’s center’ mean for you? What are your initial thoughts?  Use the course readings (Vowel) to discuss how you understand yourself. Who do you think you are? What are your social positions? How do youContinue reading “Finding My Center”

Reflection Chapter Five from The New Teacher Book

In Moving Beyond the Classroom, my biggest take away was the idea of “it takes a community to raise a child”. I love that the article said teachers would be ignorant if they believed they can change the lives of their students on their own. A school is a community and without teachers working togetherContinue reading “Reflection Chapter Five from The New Teacher Book”

Reflection Chapter Four from The New Teacher Book

In the story, My Dirty Little Secret: I don’t Grade Student Papers, I was taken back when I read that grades are the wages that students receive from their work. I have never thought about it in that before and it makes perfect sense. I know when I was in elementary and high school andContinue reading “Reflection Chapter Four from The New Teacher Book”

Reflection from Chapter Two The New Teacher Book

In Creating Classrooms for Equity and Social Justice, I really appreciated the section about Culturally and Linguistically Inclusive and empowering [classrooms]. I liked this section because I really love the concept of “it is okay to make mistakes” both student and teacher. This section discusses how as teachers we have to admit that we doContinue reading “Reflection from Chapter Two The New Teacher Book”

Reflection from Chapter One The New Teacher Book

In the letter A Message from a Black Mom to her Son, I was really struck by the fact that she only felt happiness for ten minutes a day. Ten minutes of “roaming the halls-happy, free and normal and once the white kids arrived, we became black and invisible” (Watson 15). This just made meContinue reading “Reflection from Chapter One The New Teacher Book”

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