Reindeer Art Lesson

This was a great lesson to do with the students. It not only taught them about geometric shapes but also how everyone has a different perspective on art and like humans and reindeer, no two are the same. This lesson can easily be transferred into lessons on identity and uniqueness of every person. Differentiation: StudentsContinue reading “Reindeer Art Lesson”

English Language Arts Visualizing

This lesson was a summative assessment piece on visualizing. Students had worked on visualization multiple times before this lesson and this lesson served as final assessment piece. Differentiation: Students are able to choose their own book and at their own reading level. Students could also work in partners or work to get one box filledContinue reading “English Language Arts Visualizing”

Technology Time Lesson

Technology is important to teach children as technology is becoming a large part of this world. Here you will find my technology lesson plan teaching the students how to use the basics of google drive. Differentiation: Students who were having troubles with computers worked in pairs. I gave students individual goals to reach when theyContinue reading “Technology Time Lesson”

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