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Hello and Welcome to My Blog!

On this blog you will find my responses to questions in my Education Core Studies Class 210 Winter 2019!

A little bit about me:

My name is Rachel Paterson and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree in the Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Five Program. Teaching is my passion and I discovered very early in life there is something magical about learning. My own teachers made me feel special and capable. They inspired me to be the best version of myself. When new material was presented, I always felt like it belonged to me and that I only had to follow the teacher’s lead and the learning would be mine.

I am a lifeguard and swimming instructor. My favourite part of the job is helping children overcome their fear of water. I have coached many students who have been terrified of water on day one of the lessons and by the end they are able to put their entire face in the water and come up smiling and giggling. The look of pride and accomplishment on their face is priceless. Great success begins with small steps.

In my free time I love to fish, go for walks, read, sing, dance, and try out new recipes. I believe in spending quality time with those I love and I strive to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I had an opportunity to be a volunteer coach with my elementary school badminton team.  It was another chance to make a positive difference in a school.  I have received many awards and medals for badminton and curling.  Some of which include three bronze medals, three silver medals, and one gold.  I have also received a Leadership and Citizenship award from my community, a Coaches Award for curling, Most Valued Player Award for badminton, and Excellence in Grade 12 Psychology.

I want to be a teacher that not only inspires students, but a teacher who gets inspiration from my students.